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Mike Pinto

Mike Pinto


Mr. Pinto Welcomes You With A Smile!

Welcome to James Cole Elementary School. Our students, staff, and community take pride that at Cole, "When You're Here; You're Home". Do you know the comfortable feeling you have sitting around your dining room table laughing, smiling, and enjoying time with those you care about? That is the feeling you get when you interact with our students and staff. At James Cole Elementary School, we focus on strong academic outcomes but also find great value in having students grow to be productive citizens who use Life Skills as part of their daily approach to life. At Cole Elementary School, we value strong reading, writing, and math, but also hold great value in a smile, strong manners, professional approach to tasks, and a "Cole Cub Handshake". Please feel free to stop in for a visit. At Cole, we strive to offer a Creative Outstanding Learning Environment.

A brief history of James Cole Elementary School:
James Cole Elementary School was occupied in August 1988 by 257 anxious students. They were excited by the prospect of forming the “James Cole Community”. The students were led by an enthusiastic staff under the leadership of Mrs. Vicki Kelley, the founding principal. Mrs. Kelley retired from James Cole Elementary School in June 2005. The school library, "The Kelley Library", is named in her behalf.
The student population of James Cole Elementary School was formed by extending the previous school boundaries to include children from the former Clarks Hill Elementary School and some students from Dayton and Mayflower Mill Elementary Schools.
The focal point of the school building is the media center atrium. The administrative complex, the cafeteria, the gymnasium, and the music and art rooms are centrally located. The primary and intermediate wings are an extension of the central atrium.
The building can accommodate approximately 300 students. The total area is 47,521 square feet. The school colors are Green and Gold.
The school was named “James Cole” in honor of James Cole and James W. Cole. Listed below are some interesting facts that were uncovered during the search for the school’s name:

    • James Cole was one of seven men who originally came to settle here in 1828.
    • The first religious service in the township was held in the James Cole home.
    • The first person who died in this area was buried on the Cole farm.
    • James W. Cole was born in 1829. He was the first child born to a Lauramie Township settler.
    • Lauramie Township was originally called Cole Township.
    • James W. Cole attended the first school.
    • James W. Cole served as First Lieutenant in the 108thInfantry-Minutemen in 1863.
    • James W. Cole served as representative to the State Legislature from 1873-74.
    • James and Mary Cole are buried in the Stockwell Cemetery.
    • The site of James Cole Elementary School was originally owned by the Cole Family. The first name listed on the abstract is James Cole.
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