Tippecanoe School Corporation
Six students throwing balls up in the air at the same time on a sunshiny day
A student is reading Matt Christopher - Tough to Tackle
Student is reading on their Chromebook
Three students browsing through library books to make a book selection
Two students kneeling down on each side of Molly the Micro Mini Cow
Two students each holding a chicken outside


Bymaster in Uganda

See how a TSC teacher delved into the complex issues of food security and agricultural systems in the African country.

First grade students work on a craft during the Sock Hop

Kindergarten and first grade students participated in a Sock Hop themed party to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Student in Mrs. Tilley's class holding one of the chickens that the class takes care of

Students from Mrs. Tilley's third grade class write about what they do to take care of the chickens in the Outdoor Education Center.

Chickens exploring their new coop in the Outdoor Education Center

Mrs. Tilley's third grade classroom helps to raise chickens living in the Outdoor Education Center.

Boomer in the bleachers with students leading them in a chant

The Indiana Pacer's Boomer came to visit the Cole Cubs to motivate them to be kind, eat healthy, and be active.  Along with the motivation, Boomer performed many cool tricks that impressed the students.

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