Tippecanoe School Corporation
Cole Academy Interview Day
Hillary Wycoff

The fifth cohort of the Cole Academy participated in their mock interview day.  All fifth grade students partake in the Cole Academy, where they learn professional skills that help to teach them to be well rounded and prepared individuals.  Some of the things the students learn are table manners, funeral etiquette, phone and email etiquette, job applications, and more.  The mock interview day is the last activity the students participate in before graduation from the Cole Academy.  Members of the community from different businesses come in to spend the afternoon with the fifth grade students interviewing them one-on-one.  By the end of the afternoon, each fifth grade student has participated in two interviews with different people.  The students walk away with practicing the whole interview process, and they are also given valuable feedback from the adults about the interview.  This day takes the support of the community, and Cole is fortunate to have the support of many people and companies who want to help raise students who have professional skills and help them to be successful.