Tippecanoe School Corporation
"Cooped Up Outside"
Hillary Lewandowski

At the end of last school year, Mrs. Tilley, currently a third grade teacher at Cole, applied for a grant to have funds to build a chicken coop in the Outdoor Education Center to raise chickens and use it as a learning opportunities for her students, as well as all the students at Cole.  Mrs. Tilley received the funding from the grant at the end of last school year, and the project started.  Students from McCutcheon High School built the chicken coop, Mrs. Tilley bought the chicks and raised them at her house until they were ready to be brought to school, and her class learned how to care for chickens to make sure they were ready for their arrival.  Her class takes care of the chickens each day, and she has a handful of students that are at school early who help with the chickens and check for eggs.  All the students at Cole have enjoyed meeting the chickens and spending time with them.  The eggs that are produced by the chickens can be used for different projects at the school, and they may be sold to help fund future projects.  The chickens are another added level that enhances the hands on learning that the Outdoor Education provides to the students at Cole.