Tippecanoe School Corporation
Cultivating Sportsmanship and Fair Play
Jenny Garriott

McCutcheon High School Football Coach, Josh Strasser, his assistant coach, Nathan Sheets, and four football players arrived at lunch recess at Cole Elementary School. They came for one reason - to cultivate sportsmanship and fair play during football, kickball, and basketball games during recess.

Their message was a simple one E + R = O  (Event - What happens) + (Response - How you respond) = (Outcome - the result).  

"We control the response," Coach Strasser shared with the third, fourth, and fifth graders who like to play football during recess. "If we choose a response that is negative or mad, the outcome will be negative."

  "When you get angry after a play you hurt the team. You let your team down when you allow your emotions to get the better of you." said Derek Peete, a football player.

"Your teammates will pick you up," said Brock DeFreese. "They will say, 'Let it go. It's time for the next play."

Cole Elementary students have learned the 90 second rule from Anne Marshall, TSC Neuroeducator. "You have 90 seconds to let it go," said third grade teacher, Ellen DeFreese. "After 90 seconds, it's time to move on."

Coach Strasser and his players brought footballs for the students to use at recess. He also brought wristbands that have the E + R = O message on them.  The students then had a chance to throw footballs and play a bit with the football players before heading off to lunch.

"We need to do more of this type of outreach," said Mike Pinto, Cole Principal. "Our high school students have been in the shoes of our students much more recently than the staff. Their words sometimes resonate when others don't. We are grateful for Coach Strasser and his players for their time. It was a very impactful visit. We will do this again."