Tippecanoe School Corporation
Experiencing the Solar Eclipse
Hillary Wycoff

All students at Cole Elementary participated in a Star Lab experience that explains the science behind what will happen during the total solar eclipse.  Julie Storms, the interventionist for the building, led the lesson for the students in a completely dark gymnasium, except for a light that represented the sun.  All the parts of the eclipse, the sun, moon, and earth were a part of the lesson.  The students each had an object to represent the moon, called a moon ball, a lamp was used to play the part of the sun, and the heads of the students represented the earth.  Mrs. Storms took the time to explain the events that will take place, and showed with her visuals the different aspects of the eclipse and what will cause the darkness that the students will experience.  With the visuals, Mrs. Storms explained the phases of the moon by having the students turn in a circle and watch how the light from the sun hits the moon differently as they rotate, which is what happens as the moon rotates around the earth.  She then explained how the moon will pass between the sun and earth, which will cause the moon to leave a shadow on the earth, which is what we will see during the solar eclipse.  When the students have the day off from school, they will now understand what is happening, and they will be able to explain it to the people they are experiencing it with.