Tippecanoe School Corporation
Life Skills Matter at Cole Elementary School
Mike Pinto

Truth, Trust, Honesty, Respect, Self-Control, Do the Right Thing, Treat People Right - these are just a few of the Life Skills that are intentionally taught by the teachers each week at James Cole Elementary School. Each week a different Life Skill is highlighted. It is discussed on the announcements and reinforced in community circles, during read alouds, and throughout the students' day. These items are important to the development of the whole person. While Life Skills will not appear on a standardized test, their importance to the school's mission which includes "Grow Kind Citizens" cannot be understated.  

"Life Skills are an important part of the culture of our school," stated principal Mike Pinto. "Our teachers do a wonderful job showing students what these are and making them part of conversations and the curriculum. They matter tremendously and help us create a climate that is conducive to learning and also helps us develop our students to be the best they can be."