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Lunch with the Principal Happens Each Month at Cole
Mike Pinto

Lunch is the best time of day for many students. Who doesn't love a good corn dog or a container of Mandarin Oranges? Lunch is a time for food, chatting with your friends, and a break from the rigors of school. Once a month at James Cole Elementary School, it is also a chance to eat with the principal. Once a month, a few students from each class are selected to eat lunch with the principal. Table cloths are put on tables in the lobby by the custodian. Sometimes she even sprinkles in treats for the students. Then the students bring their lunch boxes and their trays and have lunch with the principal.  Each student who attends also receives a "Magic Pencil" which reads, "I had lunch with the principal." These "Magic Pencils" are really mood pencils which change color to the touch. Students share about their day, their pets, their upcoming sporting events, and fun events going on in their lives.  This time also allows the principal a more intimate time with the children who are spotlighted in the lobby of the building for many passerbys to see and acknowledge.  Little things matter at James Cole Elementary School. Feeling special by eating with the principal is just one of those ways.

Second grader Mason Lord said about eating lunch with the principal, "I like to sit with the principal and I like going to the lobby because it's cool to sit out there because you only get to do it once a year."