Tippecanoe School Corporation
News from the Coop
Hillary Lewandowski


Hello, this is Landry, Axten, and Delaynie in Mrs. Tilley’s class and we have chickens that are wonderful and unique!  We have eight hens and one rooster.  Their names are Peeper, Sunny, Goldie, Shadow, Muffin, Onyx, Boiler, Pearl, and Nutella.  Every morning and afternoon we give them food, treats, and water. We also have to check for eggs.  When we get four dozen, we cook the eggs and eat them.  Sometimes we have to clean out the coop and put new shavings in.  We also have to scoop up the poop.  We can pick up the chickens.  We also give them different treats.  For example, we give carrots, lettuce, and a treat mix. We have to give them toys and interact with them to make them nice and get used to us.  When it is winter time some of our chickens get frostbite so we have to put vasaline on those spots.  It is so awesome taking care of chickens!