Tippecanoe School Corporation
News from the Coop #2
Hillary Wycoff


Hello, this is Paxton, Wendi, and Andrew and guess what?? We collected 16 eggs today!  We love the chickens so much!  We have to take good care of them.  We have four different kinds of chickens.  These are the breeds we have: Isa Browns, Ameraucanas, Golden Wyandotte, and bantam Belgian D’Uccles.  We picked these chickens to share with you.

Peeper - Peeper is our only rooster.  He will sometimes chase you, but you can lightly push him off with your foot and he will not bother you anymore.  You can catch him and hold him.

Pearl - Pearl is one of our Ameraucanas.  She lays bluish white eggs. She is gray and has gold feathers on her back.  She poses for pictures.

Onyx - Onyx has a lot of thick feathers.  She lays green eggs.  She is pretty easy to catch and hold. She is calm.