Tippecanoe School Corporation
News from the Coop #3
Hillary Wycoff


Hello!  This is Bella, Brianna, Jeremy, and Jayce in Mrs. Tilley’s class.  We have 9 chickens: 1 rooster and 8 hens.  It takes responsibility for the chickens.  Groups go out every day.  Our favorite Cole chickens are Muffin, Sunny, Shadow, and Onyx.   Muffin is our smallest chicken.  Since she is so small, she can fit under the coop!  Onyx is really fast and she loves the treats.  She likes to run around!  Shadow loves people.  She lays cool blue eggs!  We are soon going to build a playground for the chickens.  We will make monkey bars, a bridge, a treat lever, a tire swing, a seesaw, and a merry-go-round with a bicycle tire.  We love the chickens!