Tippecanoe School Corporation
Titanic Day for Buddy Classrooms
Hillary Wycoff

Mrs. Ferger's fourth grade students and Mrs. Curtis's first grade students have been buddy classrooms all year.  Each month, they meet to do reading and activities based upon a theme that the teachers have created.  The fourth grade students have first grade buddies that they work with during their time together, and they have created bonds that are inside and outside of the classroom. Fourth grade students have helped the first grade students with the activities and helping find library books, while first grade students get to practice reading by reading to their fourth grade buddy.  This month's theme for the buddy classes was on the Titanic.  The students learned about the different classes of the passengers, the safety of the ship, and the problems that led to the sinking of the ship.  Mrs. Curtis has had Titanic Day with her first grade classes for many years, and this year, her class's 4th grade buddies got to be a part of learning about it.