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Being a Professional Means Dressing Professionally
Being a Professional Means Dressing Professionally

What is a professional? John Smith, CEO of Wood-Mizer Corporation answered that question during the September Cole Professional Academy. The fifth grade learned that success is simple if you follow these basic rules that apply to fifth graders all the way up to large corporations:

1. Be here every day on time or early.

2. Use the restroom and get a drink at breaktime. That's why we have breaktime.

3. Be productive.

4. Set an example for new employees.

Mr. Smith also spoke to the students about the fact that people being professional matters because people are counting on you, and that we have to be the best we can be all the time.

The groups then divided to learn from Diane Boener, owner of Merle Norman in Lafayette and Dr. Chris Huffer about Dressing for Success. Dr. Huffer reminded the gentlemen that clip on ties are for five year-olds. He also explained that it takes 90 seconds to shine your shoes. Then, with the help of some parent volunteers, all the boys learned how to successfully tie a tie. The ladies learned about the do's and don'ts of dressing for success at an interview and on the job. They learned that vampire nails are never appropriate and that too much perfume or makeup doesn't equate to success on the job. She finished by reiterating to this strong group of young ladies that "People are like Oreos - The Good Stuff is on the Inside."

Another wonderful day of learning occurred for these fifth-grade students covering a range of topics that will suit them well as they progress into and through adulthood.