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Cole Cubs Active at Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair
Cole Cubs Active at Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair

The education one receives over a lifetime includes time spent in schools, books read, and for many students at James Cole Elementary School, projects completed and livestock shown at the 4-H Fair. Every time one turned around at the Tippecanoe County Fair there were Cole Cubs or former Cole Cubs greeting you with a smile. Students exhibted chickens, goats, rabbits, horses, swine, dairy, beef, and sheep. Students also completed projects ranging from creating electric circuits, building aquariums, photography, woodworking, rocketry, baking, and raising vegetables in their garden. Mr. Pinto, Cole Principal, is happy to see so many Cole students participate in the fair each year,

"This is a big week for Cole Elementary and for our community. We have so many children participating in the fair with such a wide variety of exhibits. 4-H offers so many life lessons like how to win with dignity and how to lose with grace. It also helps children understand that finishing a project is as important as beginning one. I cannot thank all the parents, volunteers, and community members enough for their hard work and dedication that make 4-H and the fair possible.". I also appreciate the number of Cole Staff members who have either volunteered, work with their own children in 4-H, or come to cheer on Cole students. This week is a special one for Cole and it helps us in so many ways toward our mission of raising productive citizens."

James Cole Elementary School's school improvement plan includes focuses on leadership and civic skills as well as student and school involvement in community events and philanthropic endeavors. For many parents, winning Grand Champion isn't as important as the fact that their child participated, completed the project, and shook the hand of the judge at the end of competition - win or lose.