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Cole Family Science Night
Cole Family Science Night

Science filled the evening at James Cole Elementary School as parents and children visited different classrooms and had hands-on activities that were both fun and educational. Organized by third-grade teacher Angela Marks, along with her science committee, the Science Night at Cole offered a variety of activities including: Aluminum Foil Boat races, Fizz Inflators, Solo Tower, Candy Tower, Pringle Packaging, Marble Mazes, Static Electricity Can Races, Giant Fingerprints, Team Building Pyramids, Marshmallow Constellations, Paper Airplanes, Catapults, Parachute Jump, Legos, Non-Newtonian Fluids, Slime Stress Balls, Lava Lamps, and of course Legos.

This is the second year for Family Science Night at Cole. The evening is part of a school-wide effort to have parents visit the building for activities that work with their children and allow students to showcase and share their learning.

"It was a fun evening," says Cole Principal Mike Pinto. "I believe many people had a great time. Many memories were made tonight and we saw so many parents having fun with their children while learning occurred."

Another Family Science Night is in the works for next year, with a few different twists that may even include a cute and cuddly possum. Stay tuned.