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Focus on Manners During October's Cole Professional Academy
Focus on Manners During October's Cole Professional Academy

The Cole Professional Academy is a program built from the ground up by the Cole Staff to intentionally teach professional "soft skills" to fifth graders. This program features once-a-month half-day sessions featuring speakers who cover a variety of topics centered around a monthly focus. Students, wearing white collared Cole Professional Academy shirts and ID/Name Tag, learn as a group then have a chance to earn 'badges' with follow-up work completed outside of school hours. Each student is assigned a school member mentor who supports him/her in their efforts to complete the badge requirements.

In October, students were given a wide scope of manners instruction during the Cole Professional Academy half day session. Janice Garrett, retired TSC teacher, taught students the nuances of table manners. Students learned the proper napkin use during a meal, how to butter a roll in a meal setting, and even nuances like how to remove something undesirable from your mouth onto your fork and how to pass salf and pepper. Students also learned emaill and phone manners from TSC Director of Student Services, Dr. BeAnn Younker. Dr. Younker discussed the differences between personal and professional email addresses. She covered such things as how to leave a phone message and how to speak professionally both as a customer and to a customer on the telephone. Students were then divided by gender to learn about "How to Be a Lady" and "How to Be a Gentleman". Janice Garrett led the ladies through a discussion about professional, lady-like actions. Tippecanoe School Corporation Superintendent, Dr. Scott Hanback, led the young men in a discussion about professional, gentleman-like actions.

A few highlights from the October Professional Academy session focusing on Manners:

1. "Create an email address that is professional. Save the crazy names for your Instagram handle." Dr. BeAnnYounker

2. "Leaving a message is like an Oreo cookie. Start with your name. All the important information in the middle. End with your name." Dr. BeAnn Younker.

3. "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for everything." Dr. Scott Hanback.

4. "Being a gentleman is a mindset supported with action." Dr. Scott Hanback.

5. "Salt and Pepper are a couple." Janice Garrett

6. "Be a girl with a mind, a woman with an attitude, and a lady with class." Janice Garrett

Cole Professional Academy Monthly Schedule of Topics:

September: Professional Dress

October: Manners

November: Etiquette

December: Personal Responsibility/Safety

January: Community Service/Service to Others

February: Personal Integrity

March: Success at Home

April: Celebration of Professional Success

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