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STEM education for the whole family
STEM education for the whole family

It's not just students who are delving into STEM. Parents, grandparents, siblings and others are learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics too. Cole Elementary School gave them an opportunity to enjoy hands-on activities during its Family Science night on February 23.

Families moved from one room to another working together to create a candy tower, lava lamp and airplanes. Students also enjoyed learning about fingerprints, creating a slime stress ball and how to generate static electricity to race aluminum cans.

Parent Rebecca Zimmerman says her daughter, Scout, enjoyed doing all the experiments. "Going to each classroom and seeing the different projects helped spark her interest in science," says Zimmerman.

In Julie Storms' first-grade classroom, students were challenged with designing a packaging system that would protect a single Pringles potato chip from a bumpy delivery. Students were excited to see if their chip survived or crumbled from the impact of a fall from an 8-foot ladder.

Parent Amy Downham says this is a great night for a family to do fun activities and learn together. She says her son Karson is in first-grade and already knows he wants to be an engineer.

Student looking at the lava lamp she created