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Principal's Message

Mike Pinto

Mike Pinto


Mr. Pinto Welcomes You With A Smile!

Welcome to James Cole Elementary School. Our students, staff, and community take pride that at Cole, "When You're Here; You're Home". Do you know the comfortable feeling you have sitting around your dining room table laughing, smiling, and enjoying time with those you care about? That is the feeling you get when you interact with our students and staff. At James Cole Elementary School, we focus on strong academic outcomes but also find great value in having students grow to be productive citizens who use Life Skills as part of their daily approach to life. At Cole Elementary School, we value strong reading, writing, and math, but also hold great value in a smile, strong manners, professional approach to tasks, and a "Cole Cub Handshake". Please feel free to stop in for a visit. At Cole, we strive to offer a Creative Outstanding Learning Environment.